Janesville Police Officer has Lasting Influence on Former Student


Janesville Police Department Identification Bureau Officer and former Middle School Liaison Officer Jeff Jacoby was surprised and humbled when he received an email from a former student years later (shared attachment). The student openly expresses his experiences with Officer Jacoby and how Officer Jacoby’s influence helped provide him direction in life. This is a reminder the positive contacts officers have on a daily basis have lasting impact on people’s lives.


Summit PD Employees Give to Local Families


The employees of the Summit Police Department continue their tradition of giving. The employees purchased gifts for two families this Christmas Season. We hope it makes the holidays a bit brighter for them. Pictured are some of the employees with the gifts that were purchased.

Bear in Polk


Great way to start the day…a rescue! This bear cub found itself in need of assistance when it got it’s head caught in a thick plastic globe. Officer Tamara Larson brought her expertise in handling the wild animal, and several citizens helped as well. Sgt Brent Waak did some difficult cutting of the globe while other deputies kept a very stressed out momma bear a safe distance away. Ultimately, the cub was free to go get in more mischief somewhere else!

Wisconsin American Legion Recognizes Police Officer


Watertown Police Officer Stacy Schroeder was recognized by the Wisconsin American Legion at their state conference on July 14, 2018. After receiving local and regional awards from the American Legion, Officer Schroeder was recognized with the 2018 Edward J. Ormsby Law & Order Award.



WDNR Warden Supervisor Dave Walz had just finished his shift early June 20th when he got a call around 1:15 a.m. from the Vilas County Sheriff’s Office about a bear cub that went tumbling into a newly constructed and open basement. The cub was bawling to his momma, who was peering down at her baby from the edge where she and other cubs were waiting. There was no way to get out. So, Lt. Dave drove to the Eagle River-area residence to work with the homeowner to liberate the trapped baby. “I could hear him bawling when I started driving down the driveway,” Warden Dave said. “Poor little guy.” Lt. Dave positioned his truck with the headlights pointing toward the open basement to encourage momma bear and cubs to retreat. He and the homeowner carefully slid a ladder down one corner of the basement and the cub skedaddled on up and made a beeline for momma. “It worked out just awesome!” Warden Dave said. Watch the rescue!